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Group of Friends Going on Excursion

B-GREAT was founded by Candi Tandy and Diane Shooster in September of 2015 after discovering there was no support or place for Serious Neurodiverse Youth Artists in the

18-30 year age group. But not only was it apparent that there was a lot of talent looming in the community but each of these artists were challenged with a multitude of roadblocks from cognitive challenges to no support from their family and for most, nowhere to practice or train. 

With great determination and the help of  loyal volunteers, these two have stopped at nothing to bring opportunities to life within the community creating snapshots of what "can be" and "will be" a life long mission to guide these young artists towards thriving in society without giving up on their gifts while also working on their skills. 

The two compliment each other coming from incredibly varied backgrounds

and experiences from their careers & life experiences. 

Candi is fueled to the core to reach as many Youth Artists as possible based on personal experience with music industry challenges affecting her entire family. Her background began with performing live and in commercial studio sessions for over 15yrs, to her college education, then teaching music in the school system for almost 20 years a bought with stage 4 breast cancer & ultimately culminating in her current teaching Voice instruction privately to training  the whole serious vocal artists.


When not teaching or in the studio assisting with sessions, Candi is dedicated to

B-GREAT and is considered the "visionary" of the organization along with all operational needs when it comes to marketing, social media, coordination & scheduling, event set up and all the in between tasks that go over and beyond! 

In addition to teaching and navigating operations, Candi's vision for B-GREAT is fueled by her own personal experiences with her creative family as well as her daily interactions with youth artists who are serious about entering the music industry. Candi is not only married to a recording Artist, but four of her five children are creatives professionally involved in the arts.

Complimenting Candi's creative vision & curative skills, Diane Shooster brings over 33 years of business to consumer experience. But it was too, Diane's own personal experience with her children that drives her to make B-GREAT a reality for so many young artists in the community.  


Please do NOT share. This bio is horribly written!

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