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We WANT you to be a part of our B-GREAT Family!

Our seasoned crew of sound & lighting engineers, photographers, videographers, video editors, visual artists & musicians, plus business leaders often mentor youth not only on technical skills, but the life skills needed in all areas of their lives. 


Here at B-GREAT, we offer a variety of volunteer programs for high school students who want to build their community service hours and learn new skills as well as for young adults, an opportunity to work in a serious but an encouraging environment that enables them to build skills and habits as future leaders.

Our volunteer opportunities are not limited to high school students, we welcome anyone who would like to help out at our events as we continue to position ourselves to serve our neurodiverse Artists & the community toward our Village!

CONTACT US for more information! 


As a 501(3c) organization, our mission relies on the generous donations by our individual donors, but there are other ways to give to B-GREAT that is not only in the form of direct monetary donations.  If you own or work for a company, and would like us to promote your business and services, Sponsoring our events or even a youth artist to receive training is one way to help us to continue our programming.  As we begin efforts toward obtaining and building our Artist Wellness & Training Village, your Company/Business could even be named in our village.  It's a great way for your Company/business to give back to the arts

and support our neurodiverse young artists.  


Another way to contribute that does not involve monetary contributions, is to provide In-Kind Donations that could help us with our events. Every event requires products and services in order to succeed. From feeding our volunteers, to renting Uhaul Trucks to transport of our equipment, to printing T-Shirts, there is an opportunity for businesses to give back and individuals to give in other ways. 

For more information on Sponsorships and In-Kind Donations, please contact Diane. 

Volunteer Team
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