"If you build it, they will come.."

from the motion picture Field of Dreams  in 1989

Creating a state-of-the-art facility to support youth artists' talents in all mediums.



Our vision is to build a fully functioning, spacious, high quality facility with the best structure, layout, and resources available to accommodate youth artists. In addition, a place where community events will take place and high school kids can be mentored and inspired. 

A neighborhood Artists Youth Gym or YMCA for artists. 


A place where serious youth artists can receive the training needed to hone in on their skills all while building life skills they can carry in the workplace. 















































In line with our mission, all programs available will intend not to pamper and stroke the artist, but to challenge and guide them while safely providing real world opportunities for them to gain the skills, experience, and confidence needed to advance in society and accomplish their future goals. 


Most importantly, the facility will be a safe, inclusive and age-appropriate place in the community. Our team of young and experienced visionaries will unite to 'grow rising exceptional artists to thrive and shine in society. 



Do you want to learn more how you can help us build our Training Facility? Click below to contact us. 

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